Wheatgrass Benefits Find Out the Healing Power of Wheatgrass and Enjoy Drinking It

Posted on Monday, January 17th, 2011

What are the benefits of drinking wheat grass juice? How can anyone stand the flavor? People use wheatgrass for many purposes – from improving digestion and blood sugar levels to helping to prevent receding gums. Some people tolerate the taste without difficulty, particularly since they only consume a small amount at a time. If you think you will have difficulty with the flavor, combine the wheatgrass with a beverage you know you like.  

We need oxygen to survive. Oxygen-rich chlorophyll in wheatgrass helps blood carry nutrients to the body’s tissues and dispose of wastes optimally. High oxygen levels of chlorophyll in wheatgrass account for wheatgrass benefits. Many sources claim you can cleanse, refresh and detoxify with oxygen-rich wheatgrass. Other components in wheatgrass play a role in healing benefits too. Wheatgrass is composed of enzymes, vitamins, trace minerals, amino acids, and other nutrients that promote therapeutic benefits.

Get a look at this long list of wheatgrass benefits and uses. Wheatgrass helps:

             •   Boost red blood cells                   •   Lesions 
             •   Cancer                                            •   Lose excess body fat
             •   Cleanse                                          •   Moisturize hair
             •   Contribute to health                      •   Normalize blood sugar levels 
             •   Diminish sleep needs                 •   Prevent receding gums
             •   Energy                                             •   Prevent some bacteria
             •   Feeble elderly                                •   Protect against pollutants
             •   Focus                                              •   Provide nourishment 
             •   Get rid of toxins                              •   Replenish deficits
             •   Get rid of waste and drugs          •   Self-confidence 
             •   Heal wounds                                  •   Sinus inflammation
             •   Heart disease                                •   Skin conditions
             •   Improve circulation                        •   Stop tooth decay
             •   Improve digestion problems       •   Tiredness
             •   Irritable bowel syndrome             •   Toughen gums

Wheatgrass benefits blow many products out of the water, but who can stand the flavor? Solving the taste does not need to be a problem. Take a fruit, vegetable or combinations you like, juice it, blend it with the wheat grass juice and enjoy! To make things simpler, you can even blend the wheat grass juice with packaged juice rather than juicing the additional produce yourself. Doing this will save time. Wheatgrass juices most effectively in a wheatgrass juicer. Usually, wheatgrass juicers are designed for juicing wheatgrass only. This means cleaning two juicers. If you decide it is not worth the hassle, combine the wheatgrass with packaged juice. That would be healthier than not drinking the wheatgrass at all. It would be a shame to pass up the benefits.

In closing, benefit from wheat grass juice – everything from A to Z. Enjoy the wheatgrass benefits of more controlled blood sugar levels and hemoglobin production. Help prevent receding gums and battle disease with the therapeutic power of wheatgrass. Don’t let the flavor annoy you. You can combine the wheat grass juice with your favorite freshly juiced fruit or vegetable. A wheatgrass juicer is normally required to juice wheatgrass well. If you would rather not wash two juicers, blending the wheat grass juice with a packaged juice would be healthier than going without the wheat grass juice totally.

Judy Dolan has studied nutrition for more than 27 years. She has a bachelor’s degree in dietetics, knows multiple healing therapies and is owner and operator of Hope for Health, LLC which offers healthy-living products, free information and focuses on helping people obtain health. Visit www.hope-for-health.com to learn more.

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